Connect with Other Programs at the Safe Routes Forums

CHAPEL HILL, NC — The National Center for Safe Routes to School has launched the Safe Routes Forums, a Web-based community aimed at connecting Safe Routes to School programs from across the country at Using the Safe Routes Forums, programs can announce their successes as well as seek out information from other local programs. Users can find out what others have done to launch their programs or who they partnered with to promote walking and bicycling.

“We see a great need for Safe Routes to School programs to connect and learn from one another,” said Lauren Marchetti, director of the National Center for Safe Routes to School. “We decided to help address this need by offering programs the ability to connect online with the Safe Routes Forums.”

To minimize spam entries on the Safe Routes Forums, all users will need to register an account and confirm their email address before beginning to post to the Forums. To register an account, please visit, click on “Log In” and use the form on the right of the page. Users should also review the Forums Guidelines prior to posting at Are you new to posting on Web Forums? You can read through the Frequently Asked Questions on how to get started at

The National Center for Safe Routes to School assists communities in enabling and encouraging children to safely walk and bicycle to school. Established in May 2006, the Center strives to equip Safe Routes to School programs with the knowledge and technical information to implement safe and successful strategies. The Center is maintained by the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center with funding from the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration.


UPDATE: We've moved the conversation about Safe Routes to School to Facebook.

Visit the National Center's Facebook page,, to ask a question, join a discussion or to share Safe Routes to Schools ideas and tidbits of your own.  The links above have been redirected to the Facebook page as well.