National Center and ITE Introduce Safe Routes to School Resources for Engineers and Planners

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (Oct. 4, 2012) — The National Center for Safe Routes to School and the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) have created a series of nine instructional briefing sheets for transportation practitioners to use for Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program planning and implementation. The briefing sheets will support transportation engineers and planners as they work to establish safer walking and bicycling routes near schools.

"These briefing sheets will reach an important audience for Safe Routes to School programs,” said Nancy Pullen-Seufert, associate director of the National Center for Safe Routes to School. “Traffic engineers and planners make design decisions critical to the safety of children and families in our communities. By partnering with ITE and its members we are building the safest possible routes to schools.”

The series of nine free briefing sheets can be accessed on the ITE website and will serve as a hands-on reference for implementing an SRTS program.

In addition to an introduction, the series includes guidance on the following topics:

  •  school site selection and off-site access
  •  walking and bicycling audits
  •  school route maps
  •  school strategies to improve traffic operations and safety
  •  school on-site design
  •  school area traffic control
  •  reduced school area speed limits
  •  traffic calming near schools

“ITE is pleased that our work with the National Center has yielded another resource for our members' professional toolbox,” said Aliyah Horton, Associate Executive Director for Strategic Initiatives and Government Relations at the Institute of Transportation Engineers.  “These quick references support transportation engineering engagement in safe routes to school implementation.  It is an addition to ongoing efforts to be community partners in the planning, design and implementation of projects that support the safer travel of ALL users of the transportation system.

“The development of these SRTS briefing sheets is part of an ongoing partnership between the National Center and ITE that has fostered the development of outreach, education and training materials for ITE members to use when involved in safe routes to school activities.”

For more information, contact:

Doug Nicholas
Communications Coordinator
National Center for Safe Routes to School
(919) 843-8854

Aliyah N. Horton, C.A.E.
Associate Executive Director, Strategic Initiatives and Government Relations
Institute of Transportation Engineers
(202) 785-0060, ext. 137

About the National Center for Safe Routes to School

Established in May 2006, the National Center for Safe Routes to School assists states and communities in enabling and encouraging children to safely walk and bicycle to school. The National Center serves as the information clearinghouse for the federal Safe Routes to School program. The organization also provides technical support and resources and coordinates online registration efforts for Walk to School Day and Bike to School Day in the U.S. and facilitates worldwide promotion and participation in International Walk to School Day. The National Center is part of the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center with funding from the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration. For more information, visit

About the Institute of Transportation Engineers

The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) is an international educational and scientific association of transportation professionals who are responsible for meeting mobility and safety needs. ITE facilitates the application of technology and scientific principles to research, planning, functional design, implementation, operation, policy development and management for any mode of ground transportation. Through its products and services, ITE promotes professional development of its members, supports and encourages education, stimulates research, develops public awareness programs and serves as a conduit for the exchange of professional information.


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