January Webinar—Walk Talk: The SRTS Call-In Show Webinar—Now Available for Download

Think talk radio is just for radio?  Think again.

From Mr. Anthony in the 1930s to Click and Clack, Joe and Terry, Rush, and Diane Rehm today, people love the call-in format.  We ask questions, we get answers.  Simple.

People who work on SRTS programs are no different.  We like answers to our questions, too.  And now we have our own call-in show, sort of, offering expert advice to overcome the challenges we face in achieving our most ardent SRTS dreams.

Walk Talk (and bike, of course): The SRTS Call-in Show Webinar, features three experts who each coordinate SRTS programs at multiple schools and who represent a mix of urban, suburban and rural SRTS programs.  Between them, they’ve confronted and overcome all manner of obstacles and barriers.  And for one hour they will devote themselves to answering your thorniest SRTS questions.

Here’s how it works.  Webinar registrants submitted question in advance about their most formidable SRTS obstacles and barriers.  Webinar attendees listened as the experts grappled with the unique problems facing SRTS programs around the country.  For those who missed it, the Webinar is now available for download.


Walk Talk—The SRTS Call-In Show Webinar


  • Cheryl Wagner, Coordinator, School-Community Partnership Program, Clark County School  District, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Cynthia Bell, Active Trans Community Liaison, Active Transportation Alliance, Chicago, Illinois
  • Melissa Kraemer Badtke, Safe Routes to School Coordinator, Associate Planner, East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, Menasha, Wisconsin