March Webinar: Handing over the keys—Building leadership and excitement for walking and bicycling among high school students

Putting high school students “in the driver’s seat” to promote walking and bicycling can make all the difference. Capture the energy and creativity of  high school students so they can  discover  and  share the  benefits of walking and bicycling with their peers.  Hear about the benefits of involving teens – some of the reasons might surprise you! – and get specific road-tested strategies for keeping them interested.

Find out how teens in Brooklyn are taking action along school routes to make them safer and more attractive for walking and biking. Hear about the Teen Road Safety Advocates project, and the kinds of results being seen.

Join us and get ready to harness the power of teens in your community.


  • Kim Wiley-Schwartz has been working with teens for years on projects related to Safe Routes to School, first with StreetFilms and now with the New York Department of Transportation.
  • Sandy Spavone has been working with high school students since 1997 as the executive director of National Organizations for Youth Safety (NOYS).  NOYS recently expanded its work beyond pre-driving education, starting a program to engage teenagers in traffic safety for all modes of travel.

Date: Tuesday, March 26
Time: 1:00-2:00 p.m. EDT

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