Featured Resource: Safe Routes to School podcast

Host Katy Jones will introduce you to the voices of Safe Routes to School via a new podcast series available now on www.saferoutesinfo.org/about-us/news-room/podcast. In each podcast, Jones gives a brief introduction to Safe Routes to School as a national program and interviews community leaders who are doing interesting things to promote Safe Routes to School and to get more schoolchildren involved. The podcasts follow a radio show format. This new resource is scripted, edited and produced entirely in-house in a cost-effective manner. To suggest new topics, please contact Katy Jones at the National Center for Safe Routes to School at jones@hsrc.unc.edu.

Safe Routes Podcast

A different topic will be featured each month. The first two shows are:

Park and Walk Programs: Learn more about setting up a park and walk program at your school and hear from Tracy Shaw from Rosewood Elementary on how they motivate kids in Columbia, South Carolina to walk to school.

Co-Promoting with the Media: Learn how to partner with media organizations to promote Safe Routes to School. Listen to how the Garfield Health Department helped launch a newspaper series that reached 30,000 New Jersey students each day.

To access the podcasts, please visit www.saferoutesinfo.org/about-us/news-room/podcast.