Let them hear you walk

New this year: We are trying to capture successes and enthusiasm for walking and bicycling to school on audio as well as images. Walk to School has jumpstarted so many good things at schools all over the country that we want to bottle up all the energy and share it with others. Please leave us a voice message at (919) 809-7777 and tell us why walking to school makes a difference in your life. What is it about walking and/or bicycling to school that changes your outlook?

We want to hear from Walk to School event leaders, parents and students. Please voice your personal motivations and benefits gained from Walk to School Day or from your daily walking routine and ask others to call and do the same. We plan to include some of the comments in a slide show of Walk to School photos shared with us. Let the world see you — and hear you — walking to school.

Please call at any time and leave a message, including your name, city and state at  (919) 809-7777         (919) 809-7777. If you'd like to brag about your successful event or share impressions, we'd love to listen. Encourage others, including organizers, parents and students to share their thoughts.