More Schools Using Online Capabilities to Survey Parents about Walking and Biking to School

Many schools across the country are using the trip tallies and parent surveys provided by the National Center to understand school travel patterns and to assess parent perceptions about allowing their children to walk or bike to school. Over the last year the use of the online version of the Parent Survey has begun to climb. Now, more than one in five schools are using the online tool, up from less than one in ten last year.

If a school communicates with parents primarily through email or other digital media and most of the school's parents speak English or Spanish (the survey is offered in both languages,) the online Parent Survey may be a good fit. The online Parent Survey is identical to the paper-based Parent Survey, but is different in that survey results are available immediately after parents complete the survey. The paper-based survey must be entered by the school or sent to the National Center for entry before results are available.