National Review Group Meets

The National Center for Safe Routes to School convened a national group of stakeholders and experts to advise and provide support for the work of the National Center. The first meeting of the National Review Group was March 10, during the National Bike Summit in Washington D.C.Forty national leaders convened on March 10 in support of the work of the National Center for Safe Routes to School at the first NCSRTS National Review Group meeting.

"We are impressed by the breadth of perspective as well the input the group provided us," said Lauren Marchetti, Director, National Center for Safe Routes to School. Forty national leaders in a variety of fields from safety to health to environment to education discussed how the Safe Routes to School program benefits communities nationwide and how it can continue to expand and serve more schoolchildren. The group provided insight into local needs and identified ways in which member's programs and activities can both benefit from and help advance SRTS initiatives. The group will meet twice per year. Go here for a list of members and future updates.