New Resource: Ped-Bike Infrastructure Cost Estimator

Costs for pedestrian and bicycle safety infrastructure often vary greatly from city to city and state to state, but in general are low-cost compared to the costs of building new roadways.

To help communities understand the costs of pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, and to encourage more communities to enhance facilities for non-motorized users and increase the safety of those choosing to walk and bike, the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC) has produced Costs for Pedestrian and Bicyclist Infrastructure Improvements: A Resource for Researchers, Engineers, Planners, and the General Public.

This document (and associated database) is intended to provide meaningful estimates of infrastructure costs by collecting up-to-date cost information for pedestrian and bicycle treatments from states and cities across the country. Using this information, researchers, engineers, planners, and the general public can better understand the cost of pedestrian and bicycle treatments in their communities and make informed decisions about which infrastructure enhancements are best suited for implementation. By collecting cost information nationwide, this database should contain useful information for any state or city, even if costs from that particular state or city are not included for a given treatment.

Providing this information should help communities make better-informed decisions about the costs of pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure treatments, enabling them to dedicate funds to those treatments that are the most cost-effective.

Links to the full resource, a summary report and the database of costs are available at

The study was funded by the Federal Highway Administration, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the UNC Highway Safety Research Center.

Safe Routes Matters October-December 2013

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