Oberstar Award application deadline extended

Need extra time? Ask for an extension by October 22nd

The 2008 Oberstar Award will recognize the achievements of communities in establishing successful Safe Routes to School programs with federal funds. Because we have heard from several event organizers who have been in the midst of celebrating Walk to School activities during the month of October, the National Center for Safe Routes to School is allowing those who need an extension to apply for one by October 22, the original deadline for applications.

"We work to encourage Walk to School activities and we want as many Safe Routes to School leaders as possible to have an opportunity to apply," said Pam Barth, MRP, Project Manager at the National Center for Safe Routes to School.

"We hope that by offering the option of an extension we can balance the time constraints of local applicants with the need to provide a thorough evaluation of applications. Our internal deadline is tight, and we really would like those folks who can get their applications to us by October 22 to please do so," added Barth.

Although the extension was prompted by Walk to School activities, anyone can request an extension. The new deadline would be November 3, by 5 p.m. EST. To request the extension, the program/school emails barth@hsrc.unc.edu with the program/school name and contact information, and a sentence saying that they are requesting an extension for the Oberstar Award application. Anyone who requests an extension will be granted one.

Oberstar Award applications can be downloaded at www.saferoutesinfo.org/data-central/success-stories/safe-routes-to-school-award. For any additional questions regarding the Oberstar Award, please contact Barth at (919) 962-8717; barth@hsrc.unc.edu.

The Oberstar Award will recognize the impact of the Federal Safe Routes to School program at the local level, specifically, outstanding achievement by a school or community in establishing a Safe Routes to School program that has benefited from federal funding. The Oberstar Award is given annually by the National Center for Safe Routes to School to an exemplary SRTS program in the United States. It is named for Congressman James Oberstar (D-MN) to honor his dedication to American schoolchildren as the pioneer for the National Safe Routes to School Program.