SRTS Data Collection System Has New Look and More Functions

Authoring Organization: 
National Center for Safe Routes to School

Webinar on September 11 Will Highlight the Changes

Anyone who enters school travel data and parent surveys or generates reports will see changes to the data system operated by the National Center for Safe Routes to School. Last week, the National Center launched an enhanced version of the data collection system with a new look and more functions.  See the improved site at
To demonstrate and highlight the new features and navigation, the National Center will present a webinar for data system users on Wednesday, September 11, at 1:00 p.m. EDT. To register, go to
Right now, nearly 9,000 schools across the country have data about student travel choices and related parent attitudes in the system. Local SRTS programs that use the system receive reports that help inform and evaluate their work.
“Quality data are at the core of successful SRTS programs. We want to make it easy for users to input and find data and get back the information they need to plan and monitor their safe routes to school efforts,” said Lauren Marchetti, director of the National Center for Safe Routes to School. “At a national level, we have an opportunity to watch for changes in student travel trends, like whether more families are choosing to walk to school.”
New features of the data system include:
  • Allowing users to submit data with a “pending” status, which reduces barriers to data submission.
  • Making the school grouping function more intuitive for users with multiple school entries.
  • Tagging schools within a group, which allows users to build sub-groups of schools to examine.
  • Tagging data collection time periods, which allows users to compare before and after periods for evaluating engineering, encouragement, education and enforcement strategies.
  • Allowing any user to view information for any school that is collecting data, which provides transparency for data collection efforts across the nation.
The previous functions of the data system, such as entering survey results, running a variety of reports, updating SRTS program funding, and grouping schools together for easier management, all remain.
To learn more, see the “Help” section for instructions on all the system’s capabilities. The web address and login location remains unchanged: