National Bike to School Day Catches On, Shatters Previous Participation Mark

From all 50 states and the District of Columbia, tens of thousands of school children across the country biked to school throughout the month of May as part of the second annual National Bike to School Day. In all, 1,705 schools registered Bike to School Day events—80 percent more than the inaugural national event in 2012—setting a new National Bike to School Day record.

Making Safe Routes to School Work for Students with Disabilities

We all know the statistics, that many children today are not getting the exercise that they need. Whatever barriers are preventing children from exercising, those barriers are higher for children with disabilities.

Every child participating in the Safe Routes program experiences multiple benefits—exercise, interaction with peers, and development of navigation and safety skills, just to name a few.

For students with disabilities, those navigation and safety skills may be the key to their future mobility, according to Judy Shanley.

Chagrin Falls, Ohio: Comprehensive Safe Routes to School Program built around village cooperation and core goals of safety and encouragement

Safe Routes Chagrin is a truly cooperative endeavor which has improved safety and encouraged more students to walk and bike while building a sustainable program supported by the entire community.


Chagrin Falls is a village of about 4,000 residents located 17 miles southeast of Cleveland.  The village school system includes an elementary school (grades K-3), an intermediate school (grades 4-6, school population about 480), a middle school (grades 7-8, school population about 320), and a high school.

National Center Launches Walking School Bus Online Training

The National Center announced in November the release of The Walking School Bus Program: A Primer and First Steps, an online audio/video training program that provides strategies and tips for planning a Walking School Bus program.

Joke contest hatches award winning Safe Routes to School program

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Key Ideas
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Mini Grant helps El Paso school on military base grow bike licensing program

Milam Elementary in El Paso, Texas, has a unique method for keeping students safe and cycling.  For the past six years, Milam (pronounced MY-lum) has given a bike license to each student in grades 3, 4 and 5 who passes a written and skills test after a two-week bicycle safety course.  The license allows those students to ride their bikes to school on their own (that year OR for the duration of their time at the school).

What are some good classroom resources for middle school students?

Here are some resources that you might find helpful:

SRTS Middle School Curriculum: Why it is Important and How to Make an Impact.
This webinar covers the benefits of reaching out to middle school-aged children, and examples of SRTS programs that have successfully engaged middle school students. 

Explore other program tools:

Go By Bike: A Guide to Bicycling in Massachusetts

Go By Bike: A Guide to Bicycling in Massachusetts is a one page document filled with valuable information on how to ride safely and legally in traffic. The document is available in the following languages: English, French, Haitian Creole,Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese.

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Go By Bike: A Parent's Guide to Bike Safety

Go By Bike: What every parent needs to know is a professionally designed two-page publication that covers child bicycle safety that parents can teach their children. for parents and addresses myths associated with children bicycling. The document is available in the following languages: English, French, Haitian Creole,Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese

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