Lowcountry Region, South Carolina: Bike rodeos teach students how to ride safely

A bicycle rodeo is really as fun as it sounds.  See how schools in the Lowcountry region are getting the community involved in these hands-on educational events.


Bicycle Rodeos teach children how to ride bikes safely. Whether held during the school day, as part of an after-school activity, or as a weekend event, Bike Rodeos are always a student favorite! The South Carolina Safe Routes to School Resource Center has supported numerous Bicycle Rodeos and has resources to help community organizers and schools hold their own rodeos.

Arkansas Safe Routes to School Curriculum

The Arkansas Safe Routes to School Curriculum was developed by the state's Highway and Transportation Department. It is intended to address the needs of students who live too far away to walk to school daily. The Curriculum identifies opportunities for students to acquire physical activity, such as during recess, lunch breaks, and physical education classes. The Curriculum also integrates many of the competencies included in the Arkansas State Frameworks. 

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Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department

Ladson, SC: SRTS program evolves as a wellness committee to promote student health

Safe Routes to School is a fully institutionalized program at Oakbrook Middle School, but this was not always the case. 


Seven Oaks, SC: School staff make long-term changes in student travel patterns

In the fall of 2011, school staff took action to sustain enthusiasm for walking and biking and to create long-term changes in student travel patterns.


Rockhill, South Carolina: Engaging older students helps increase the number of children walking to school

Ebenezer Avenue Elementary School is unique within the Rock Hill School District as the only elementary school to include sixth grade. 


Ebenezer Avenue Elementary School is unique within the Rock Hill School District as the only elementary school to include sixth grade. When the principal and SRTS Team assembled in 2012 to discuss how to increase the number of students walking to school, they went straight to the source by engaging the sixth grade students.


Save the Date for Bike to School Day 2014

Are you ready to roll? Bike to School Day 2014 has been set for Wednesday, May 7!

Walk to School Day 2013 Sets New Registration Record

Date set for 2014 event

From all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, 4,447 schools registered Walk to School Day events, setting a new participation record. To see which schools celebrated Walk to School Day 2013, go to www.walkbiketoschool.org/go/whos-walking/2013.

SRTS National Conference Sets Record, Makes Presentations Available Online

What do a walking street sign, a rolling beetle, 650 Safe Routes to School practitioners, and 135 PowerPoint presentations have in common? The Safe Routes to School National Conference!

A word cloud generated from session titles of the 4th SRTS National Conference, held August 13-15, 2013, in Sacramento, Calif.

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Chagrin Falls, Ohio: Comprehensive Safe Routes to School Program built around village cooperation and core goals of safety and encouragement

Safe Routes Chagrin is a truly cooperative endeavor which has improved safety and encouraged more students to walk and bike while building a sustainable program supported by the entire community.


Chagrin Falls is a village of about 4,000 residents located 17 miles southeast of Cleveland.  The village school system includes an elementary school (grades K-3), an intermediate school (grades 4-6, school population about 480), a middle school (grades 7-8, school population about 320), and a high school.