Canal Winchester, Ohio: SRTS begins in the village of Canal Winchester


The Village of Canal Winchester, OH, has two elementary schools located near one another on the same campus. Both Indian Trail and Winchester Trail Elementary Schools house more than 800 students in kindergarten through sixth grade. Most of the students are bused or driven to school because the campus is on a state route with a high volume of traffic. In December 2007, the Ohio Department of Transportation awarded Canal Winchester $7,000 in Safe Routes to School (SRTS) funds to create a School Travel Plan (STP)– the Village of Canal Winchester’s first step in creating a safer environment for the students at the two elementary schools.


In April 2008, the Village of Canal Winchester had a kick-off meeting for its SRTS projects. During this meeting, attendees discussed project specifics, reviewed the grant agreement and affirmed project expectations. The Village’s next step is to select team members for the STP and conduct an Introductory/Planning meeting.

Like many other schools in Ohio, the elementary schools at Canal Winchester are facing difficult fiscal times and might lose student busing because of inadequate funding. With the loss of busing as a possibility reality, the City is interested in creating a safer community for the children to walk to school. One objective of the travel plan is to identify the intersections that need improvements due to the high volume of traffic through the area. 


The Village of Canal Winchester is working with the Village Engineer and the school to gather information for the STP, which is slated to begin in May. From the $7,000 in SRTS funding, $1,000 will go toward each school to write the STP, and $5,000 will go toward the engineering portions of the STP.


Matthew Peoples, Director of Public Works
Village of Canal Winchester
36 S. High St. Canal Winchester, Ohio 43110
Phone: 614-834-5111