Tell City, Indiana: New Sidewalk System Will Promote SRTS Activities


In Tell City, IN, a $250,000 award in Safe Routes to School (SRTS) funds from the Indiana Department of Transportation (IDOT) and a $29,347 grant from the city will fund a 1.2 mile pedestrian and bicycle sidewalk system to serve William Tell Elementary School, grades pre-kindergarten through fifth.


There are more than 730 students who attend William Tell, but only a few walk or bicycle to school. Two commonly cited reasons for this are the school being located on the outskirts of town, and there lack of sidewalks linking it to the community. Tell City’s mayor approached a local engineering firm and a local consulting firm, which aids in applying for and administering grants, to form a SRTS advisory committee. In 2007 Tell City applied for and was awarded funding for the installation of 1.2 miles of sidewalk that is compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act standards.

To show Tell City residents what they can expect from the new sidewalks, William Tell students participated in International Walk to School Day with the help of the local law enforcement. In October 2006, more than 200 of the students and 50 parents met at the public library in preparation to walk to the elementary school. School officials and parents allowed the students who ride the bus to school to be dropped off at the meeting point. The law enforcement officers blocked off the street and the police led the students to school along the roads that would be retrofitted with the new sidewalk system.


It is predicted that the sidewalk construction will be completed by the fall 2008 school year. After the installation, the SRTS committee will begin to apply for grants to create more sidewalks to further link the school and the surrounding community. With the sidewalk system, William Tell then can begin educational and encouragement activities for its students.


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