Going High Tech With Safe Routes to School

Tuesday, January 25, 2011 (All day)

There are many ways to build a successful Safe Routes to School program. Using technology to assist with recruitment, walk and bike to school counts, evaluation and mapping can be extremely helpful. This one-hour, free webinar covers how "high-tech" solutions can help advance the success of SRTS programs.

Zach Noffsinger, executive director of Boltage, provides an overview of the system that combines incentives and technology to encourage kids to walk and bike to school while providing hard data for walk and bike counts. He also provides a case study from Los Altos, a city in California that has successfully used this innovative technology in several schools, and covers how the program can be used as an evaluation tool.

Rosie Stern, Michigan Fitness Foundation, discusses the Make Trax program and guides the audience through an online mapping exercise. She also provides guidance on how to use this program to create and deliver a presentation to partners.

Michele Barrett, Walk Bike Berks, provides insight into how to utilize social networking tools to advance and expand Safe Routes to School Programs. She takes a basic step by step approach to help walk the audience through the use of programs such as Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Constant Contact and more.

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