Making New Places for Play: Joint Use Agreements Between Schools and Parks

Tuesday, November 30, 2010 (All day)

With limited and sometimes diminishing resources, communities across the nation are challenged to provide children and adults with opportunities for physical activity. Joint-use agreements that allow the shared use of school and park facilities are enabling communities to meet this challenge both during and after school hours. This informative webinar, presented in partnership with the National Recreation and Park Association, examines how joint-use agreements can be negotiated to allow the shared use of school recreational facilities, parks, and community recreation centers. The benefits of these agreements include reduced costs, provision of better services to the public, and increased access to new recreational and physical activity opportunities for all ages.

Our webinar speakers provide an overview of national trends in developing joint-use agreements, discuss how the California Department of Health is promoting joint-use through a mini-grant program, and show how joint-use agreements developed in the City of Los Angeles offer lessons for any school system or parks agency contemplating joint-use agreements of their own.

Presented by Rich Dolesh, Chief of Public Policy, National Recreation and Park Association, Joanne Gooley, MA, RD, Physical Activity Specialist, California Project LEAN, California Department of Health, and Michael Shull, Superintendent of Planning and Construction, Department of Recreation and Parks, City of Los Angeles

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