Submit Your Data

There are many benefits to collecting data related to Safe Routes to School. At the local level, it can help guide the planning process and give information as to how the program is working. At the same time, many states require applicants and recipients of the SRTS funds to participate in the national data collection effort.

The National Center provides reports resources to help make collecting and summarizing data as easy and straightforward as possible for communities and states. These resources help those involved in local programs collect, enter, and analyze their data. Hundreds of local programs and thousands of schools are using these resources to gather information about their local SRTS programs.

Please click here to access the data system.  Look around the system to see which schools are already collecting data, and begin entering travel tally and/or parent survey data for local schools.

Simplify data collection with our templates

Evaluation instructions

Simple instructions explain how to distribute and collect the two standardized forms.

Student travel tally forms

One-page form collects information about student travel at the classroom level.

Parent survey

Two-page form solicits data about student travel, important issues, and parental attitudes.