Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting the National Center for Safe Routes to School Web site. We are committed to respecting your right ato privacy and will protect it when you visit our Web site.

This Privacy Policy explains our online information practices only, including how we collect and use your personal information. It covers information collected on this Web site. Our Privacy Policy does not apply to third party Web sites that you are able to reach from our Web site, nor does it cover practices of other elements within the National Center for Safe Routes to School.

Information Collected

When you visit our Web site, we collect information about your visit that does not identify you personally. We collect the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the domain from which you access the Internet. We can tell the type of computer, browser, and Web service you are using. We also know the date, time, and pages you visit. Collecting this information helps us better design and structure the site to suit your needs. We do not use cookies to collect information.

When you visit our Web site, we collect no personal information about your visit without your full acknowledgement. When you visit our Web site, we may request and collect the following categories of personal information from you:

  • Contact information if you submit a question, comment or request for information
  • Contact information if you submit an entry to the Online Library


We are committed to properly securing the information we collect online. While no system can provide guaranteed security, we take reasonable efforts to keep information you provide secure. This includes password protected measures and physical security at the location of the server where information is stored.

Tampering with the National Center for Safe Routes to School Web site is against the law. If anyone tries to tamper with it, they may be punished under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986 and the National Information Infrastructure Protection Act.

Links to Other Sites

Our Web site has many links to our partners, especially federal and state agencies. We also have links to private organizations. When you link to another site, you are no longer on our site and are subject to the privacy policy of the new site to which you're linking. The National Center for Safe Routes to School dose not endorse, recommend, or favor any products, process, or service offered by the new site. It only provides these links as a service to you for additional information on various Safe Routes to School issues.

Last Updated November 16, 2006