Activity Ideas: Walk to School Day, Week, Year-round

Walk to School - Some events begin with students walking together in a "walking school bus" group with parents, celebrities and dignitaries leading the way. Other activities include safety fairs, bike rodeos, poster contests, and meetings for parents. In some communities events are designed so families can complete walkability checklists along their usual route, permitting parents to teach safety skills to children.

It started in 1998 with just a few schools. Now, thousands of people in California - and millions worldwide - take part each October. Walk to School Week is a simple event to host, and has provided immediate results for hundreds of schools.

Register your event each year to join the network of local event coordinators who receive incentives and assistance in the months leading up to the International Walk to School Week. Why hold an event? Because it works!

If this year's date, is not convenient for you, simply designate another week. You can adapt most materials from the downloads section of this website.

Walk to School Day has grown into a week-long event.
If you plan to stretch your Walk to School activities from Monday to Friday, here's what is special just for you:

  • When you register, check the box that lets us know you are planning activities all week.
  • Fact sheets
  • Walk to School Week: suggestions from the Marin County Safe Routes to School project
  • Walk to School Week: Ideas for each day
  • Visit the new downloads section of this website. There are fact sheets, letters, a resolution, etc. already updated to specifically promote walk to school week.

Walk to School Every Day!

Walk to School can be more than a one-event activity. Children need safe places to walk in their neighborhoods. If places are livable, everyone needs the option to walk between home, school, stores and parks. Consider holding monthly or weekly walk-to-school events, or starting a Walking School Bus, or a PACE car program. Help to fund, train and equip crossing guards. Civilize traffic in your neighborhood through a mix of education, enforcement and engineering. This site can guide you to explore all these options that "Go Beyond Walk Day".

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California Walk to School Headquarters, California Center for Physical Activity