Compendium: Safe Routes to School Case Studies from Around the Country

The National Center for Safe Routes to School offers this collection of original 1-2 page case studies on SRTS programs and activities from across the United States. The case studies, also referred to as success stories, appear on and are seen by numerous SRTS implementers and others involved in SRTS.

These case studies will help spread the word about efforts to promote safe walking and bicycling among schoolchildren, and assist persons interested in starting an SRTS program or adding a new aspect to an existing SRTS program. Each case study tells a story and includes a short description of the town or area in which the program takes place as well as the unique issue that each area faces in regards to safe routes, pedestrian and bicycle safety, and other aspects of getting to and from school safely. Details are provided about each program or activity -- when they began, who is involved in the organization, what elements are included in the program or activity. Finally, the results section describes the successes and lessons learned from the planning or implementation of the program or activity. When available, data are provided as well.

This compendium is a dynamic document. The collection of case studies will grow as more local programs get under way and begin to show success. We invite you to share your Safe Routes to School stories with us.

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National Center for Safe Routes to School
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