Do you have data on the percentage of children who walked, or rode a bicycle to school 25 years ago, and 50 years ago, versus today?

According to the 2009 National Household Travel Survey (NHTS), a U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) effort to collect data on travel by the American public, 13 percent of children five to 14 years old usually walked or biked to school compared with 48 percent of students in 1969. Conversely, 12 percent of children arrived at school by private automobile in 1969, and, by 2009, this number increased to 44 percent. Rates of school bus ridership to school over this same 40-year span showed the least change, increasing from 38 to 40 percent. In collaboration with UNC and the Safe Routes to School Partnership, we released a resouce called How Children Get to School: School Travel Patterns from 1969 to 2009

This resource draws from the National Household Travel Survey to outline school travel trends over a 40-year period. Please note that the stats mentioned above were from a national sample which may or may not have included children participating in a Safe Routes to School program.

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