Do you know of any resources to educate students about appropriate dress when traveling outdoors in cold weather, and about ways to make walking environments safer for young walkers during snowy/icy weather conditions?

The MayoClinic has a handy resource on staying safe outdoors when walking in cold weather conditions, such as dressing in layers and protecting our hands, feet, and ears. Also, section 5 of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC's) Kids-Walk-to-School program guidelines has a subsection on walking in different seasons, which describes how to behave when traveling outdoors under various weather conditions, including when it's cold outside.

You might also want to coordinate with your local public works department and/or elected officials to come up with ideas on how to encourage your school's neighbors to keep sidewalks and bike paths clear of snow, ice, and other hazardous elements. As an example, in 2003, elected officials in Montgomery County, Maryland created the Sidewalks are for Everyone (SAFE) Golden Shovel Award to publicly recognize individuals have helped others clear ice and snow from county sidewalks.