Fall 2007 SRTS Program Tracking Brief

State Safe Routes to School Programs have now committed to spend more than 25 percent of the total $612 million federally-provided for Safe Routes to School activities. Thirty-nine states have now announced spending of SRTS funds, up from 29 at the end of June 2007. The National Center for Safe Routes to School continues to see the rapid growth in announced spending and the steady increase in state-level SRTS activity as a sign of the strength and promise for the national Safe Routes to School program. The $156 million is nearly a tenfold increase from last October's $15.8 million.

More than three quarters of all states (42 states, 82%) are actively involved in their funding process. With the national program becoming more established, there are also fewer states remaining to announce initial spending figures. NCSRTS therefore anticipates continued steady increases in announced spending, but with fewer large single-quarter increases. Unlike the large increase (288%) in spending reported by NCSRTS during the previous quarter, where most of the increase came from two states, the increase reported here comes from 23 states that announced new or additional spending. Eighteen states have now opened, closed, or announced funding for a second application cycle, and two of those have already started their 3rd cycle. With only 11 states remaining to announce initial spending, the growth in announced spending will increasingly come from second, third, or fourth funding cycles.

SRTS programs include infrastructure improvements to make walking and bicycling safer and more appealing for children, and SRTS education, encouragement, and enforcement activities.

Key Points (Fall 2007) - SRTS Spending:

  • Approximately $156 million has been spent or committed for SRTS programs.
  • 33 states (65%) have announced funding for local SRTS programs.
  • 39 states (76%) have announced funding for local and/or statewide SRTS
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National Center for Safe Routes to School
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