The Florida Traffic and Bicycle Safety Education Program (FTBSEP)

The Florida Traffic and Bicycle Safety Education Program (FTBSEP) encourages walking and bicycling as healthy and environmentally responsible transportation choices. FTBSEP employs the diverse skills of a Regional Training Team composed of teachers and other professionals around the state trained in our programs. They teach educators, law enforcement officials, school resource officers, Safe Kids coalition members and volunteers how to implement our programs with in schools, after school & youth programs, rodeos & camps throughout the state of Florida.

The 10-Hour Teacher Workshops are detailed on this website:
- Elementary School Level- Traffic and bicycle safety education at the elementary school level focuses on pedestrian, school bus and bicycle safety, with hands-on applications. Prepares Physical Education and Health teachers at the elementary level during 1½ day training following the Traffic Safety Education Guide. Materials used to conduct the workshop focus on development of pedestrian and bike-handling skills appropriate for physical education classes. These are provided at no cost to teachers by a grant from the Florida Department of Transportation Safety Office.

Middle School Level- Emphasizes bicycle knowledge and skills for the middle-school student, in addition to health, nutrition, and exercise. Lessons include on-bike practice and classroom instruction with interactive video components. Scheduling these programs in a crowded curriculum requires creative solutions, which many schools have met by embedding the curriculum in Physical Education classes. Click the icon to view Table of Contents.

The details of the 8-Hour Community Workshops are given on the site as well. The workshops prepare community law enforcement officials, youth group leaders, community safety specialists, and school resource officers bicycle safety and rules of the road at the elementary level. The Traffic Safety Education Guide is provided at a small cost to participants, who learn how to implement successful bicycle safety programs and present bicycle safety information to the public. Participants also receive a copy of ""The Guide to Bicycle Rodeos"" by John Williams and Dan Burden.

The program includes a driver's education program, also. Driver's Ed for Bike and Ped fulfills the need for bicycle and pedestrian safety education in driver education programs. Driver Ed instructors are given the information for teaching bicycle and pedestrian laws, common crash types and responsible sharing of the road through classroom activities, homework, and evaluation tools.

The program's Adult Cycling Road 1 Course provides adult cyclists guidance and instruction in the basic principles of bicycling. It combines classroom discussion with on-road practice and activities. Instructors for this course are certified by the League of American Bicyclists, the only nationally recognized program with certified instructors. The courses are offered by Florida LCI certified Regional Trainers, at various dates and locations through out the state.

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Florida Traffic and Bicycle Safety Education Program, Univeristy of Florida

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