Indiana Area School District Walking School Bus

The Indiana Area School District made history when it became the first school district in Pennsylvania to launch a Walking School Bus program. This component of the Safe Routes to School program is the latest, safe, fun and healthy way for kids to travel to and from school. Each walking school bus has at least one adult "driver" who walks with the kids.

The children walk to school in a group, picking up additional kids along their route. The "bus" runs rain or shine and along the way kids can visit with their friends, learn valuable pedestrian safety skills and enjoy some independence.
Moms and dads like it, too! It eases fears about crossing busy streets and lack of supervision. Parents feel good about their kids getting more physical activity, improving their health and performing better in school. As an added bonus, parents do not have to chauffer kids to school!

Program Objectives

  • Increase daily physical activity for children and adults in the neighborhood.
  • Increase safety for pedestrians in the neighborhood.
  • Reduce traffic in and around the neighborhood and school.
  • Decrease crime when more people are outside keeping an eye on their neighborhood.
  • Increase community cohesion by helping neighbors get to know one another.

The site also explains how the program works and answers frequently asked questions.

Authoring Organization: 
Indiana Area School District, Indiana Pennsylvania

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