Safe Ways to School Tool Kit

The "Safe Ways to School" project was a statewide pilot project administered by the Florida Traffic and Bicycle Safety Education Program. The goal was to improve conditions for children to walk and bicycle safely to and from school. The project was modeled after the award-winning "Safe School Routes" program in Melville, Australia which combined traffic calming techniques with school education initiatives to foster a safer environment for children to walk and bicycle to school.

The Florida Department of Transportation Safety Office funded the development of this "Tool Kit" as a way to take what was learned during the pilot project and share it with other schools wanting to create a Safe Ways to School program. This tool kit is thus a "work in progress." The end goal is to give children back the freedom of mobility and independence they have the right to enjoy, and to ensure with it protection and commitment to their safety.

This toolkit includes:

  • Tips for success;
  • A step by step guide through the process;
  • The School Traffic Safety team and their tasks;
  • Tools including surveys and forms;
  • References and examples.
Authoring Organization: 
Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)

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