Safety City

Learn about current events, email NHTSA's administrators, read the letters of the week, browse the headlines in the Safety Town Gazette, and explore job opportunities in the transportation field.

Could you be Safety School's next valedictorian? Take the "Safety Challenge" quiz to test your knowledge of safety trivia - see if you can outwit Larry and me. You could learn a lot from a dummy! Plenty of lesson plans and materials in the Teachers' Lounge for downloading.

Sharpen up your crayons and have fun coloring real works of art in the Cyberstudio! Visit my Permanent Collection, view artwork by other cyber artists or print out artwork to color with real crayons.

Two thumbs up! Don't miss our smash hits and breakthrough performances at our local Theater. Ray Charles guest stars in the musical performance of 'Back Seat Baby!' Larry and I turn in Oscar-worthy performances and do all our own stunts! Break a leg!

Tune up before you hit the road at this friendly garage where you can download all the fonts and valuable plug-ins that make Safety City so exciting!

Join us for an adventure! We'll look at helmets, reflectors and pedestrian safety when we tour Safety City by bike. We'll make several stops along the way and test your bicycle savvy. Watch out for the danger zones!

Hop on board the big yellow School Bus and learn all about what special features make your bus the safest way to go! Learn to board carefully, and pay special attention when getting off. Maybe you could learn to be a bus driver someday!

What are those crazy scientists working on for the future of automotive safety? Rubber cars? Rubber people? Do you have the next great idea? Email our lab technicians and engineers and look at gobs of riveting data.

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National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

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