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They’re there for us in the heat and the cold, in the rain and the snow. There’s even a National Crossing Guard Appreciation Day. The presence of a crossing guard can be the key deciding factor for a parent to allow their child to walk or bike to school. But as budgets get tight, school crossing guard programs can feel the strain. Learn from programs in two states that are tackling these challenges.
Safe Routes Webinar
This webinar features two schools and a basket of ideas. One program shares its secrets for keeping its seven year old bike promotion program fresh and sustained, including event themes and bicycling field trips. The second presentation talks about how they are engaging 6th grade students in teaching bike safety and the key partners that have catapulted excitement for bicycling to new heights.
Safe Routes Webinar
Introduction Ebenezer Avenue Elementary School is unique within the Rock Hill School District as the only elementary school to include sixth grade. When the principal and SRTS Team assembled in 2012 to discuss how to increase the number of students walking to school, they went straight to the source by engaging the sixth grade students. Activities
Safe Routes Success Story
Soon after the establishment of the Federal SRTS Program in 2006, the National Center for Safe Routes to School launched a data collection system to support local program planning and evaluation and to monitor student commute patterns nationwide. Seven years after the start of the Federal program, the National Center analyzed more than 525,000 parent surveys from nearly 4,700 schools to look for changes in travel patterns and parent perceptions about walking to school.
Safe Routes Resources
In August, the National Center for Safe Routes to School enhanced the data collection system for student travel tallies and parent surveys. This webinar will highlight the updated, more intuitive navigation for existing functions, such as adding schools to the system, creating travel tallies and parent surveys, running the summary and comparison reports, and requesting and granting permission access to a school.
Safe Routes Webinar