Is there a distance definition for a safe route to school? For example, within 2 miles of a school?

There are distance-based guidelines for the types of projects that should be considered for Safe Routes to School (SRTS) funding. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), which issued the federal SRTS program guidance, recommends that the "potential of [a] proposal to create a safer walking and bicycling built environment within approximately two miles of a school" be considered among several other eligibility criteria, including a prospective program's "demonstrated needs"; "potential of [its] proposal to encourage walking and bicycling among students"; etc.

Therefore, projects planned to be implemented within two miles of a school are recommended to be considered for funding. However, it's worth noting that the federal SRTS program is administered within each state by its Department of Transportation (DOT), and that the FHWA allows states some degree of flexibility in terms of how the states select and fund projects. To get more information on project eligibility considerations within your state, we recommend that you contact your state's SRTS Coordinator. To do so, please visit our Find State Contacts page, and once there, select your state on the interactive map or through the drop down menu.

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