What are the liabilities associated with a walking school bus or bike train?

Liability concerns are not uncommon with the Safe Routes to School Program or specific activities like a walking school bus. A SRTS program that simply encourages or promotes bicycling and walking to school should not, in most cases, expose schools to increased liability risk. Even school-sponsored walking and bicycling programs, such as a Walking School Bus or Bicycle Train, should not expose schools to any greater liability than other school-sponsored activities. Of course, schools with SRTS programs must ensure they are meeting their responsibilities for children's safety just as they must routinely do with all other forms of school transportation and with other school activities.

Please see the National Center for Safe Routes to School's 10 Tips for Safe Routes to School Programs and Liability resource.

Specifically related to walking school buses and bike trains, you may want to see our Walking School Bus Guide. It covers liability briefly on page 11.

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