What are the messages for neighbors?

Messages to neighbors depend on local conditions. If there are environmental barriers to safe walking routes, often the neighbors can help.
Messages for neighbors include:

  1. Keep sidewalks clear so they are passable by pedestrians. Sometimes motor vehicles, garbage cans, snow and other materials force pedestrians off of walkways and into traffic.
  2. Prune plants and shrubs to enhance visibility. This will help pedestrians, cyclists and drivers see one another, particularly at street crossings.
  3. Keep unleashed pets off the route. A loose animal can be intimidating and deter walking or bicycling, regardless of the friendliness of the animal.

Because many neighbors are also drivers, the Educational Messages for All Drivers Near the School section of the SRTS Guide may offer additional relevant messages.

For more information on ways to convey these messages to neighbors visit Strategies for Reaching Neighbors.

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