What are some examples of Walk to School Day incentives?

Example of Walk to School Day incentives include reflectors, which are a great incentive items because they can be re-used, and have an added safety benefit.  Plus, they can be used whether the children are walking or biking.  If you're looking for ideas to decorate Walk to School Day event, check out our Promote Your Efforts page. If you are using a vendor to print promotional graphics and logos, they will likely need the logos' and graphics' EPS file, which are provided within the Promote Your Efforts page.

We cannot recommend any specific vendors, but we would encourage you to patronize your local businesses. The National Partnership for Safe Routes to School Listserve may be a good place to ask about vendor suggestions in your area.

Finally, if you are considering other items, some schools have used stickers, temporary tattoos, blinking lights, slap bracelets and pencils as incentive items.  Though pedometers are generally more expensive, they also tend to please the crowd.

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