When doing SRTS education activities, what sorts of incentives are not permitted?

Decisions about how SRTS non-infrastructure funding is spent is usually made by state Departments of Transportation. However, federal guidelines state that non-infrastructure funds are not to be used for: (1) projects that do not specifically serve the stated purposes of the SRTS program; (2) reoccurring costs (e.g., crossing guard salaries); and (3) projects that primarily serve to convenience drivers rather than to improve child safety and/or walking and bicycling access (e.g., reorganizing pick-up and drop-off without producing safety/access benefits). Nonetheless, as each state is responsible for setting up and administering their program as long as it falls within the parameters set for by the SRTS federal guidelines , it is recommended that you contact the SRTS Coordinator within your state's DOT for information on permitted spending activities. To obtain the contact information and the website for your SRTS Coordinator, please visit our Find State Contacts page. Once there select your state on the interactive map or by clicking on the drop-down menu.

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